Thursday, October 18, 2007

Freedom...It's What's For Dinner

Hungry? Be careful...

Imagine this:

You and a business partner are planning to open a new store, providing a safe and legal commodity your public demands, foie gras.

Before you open it, a group targets you, your partner, your families, and your business with a carefully calculated terror campaign.

First, they spray-paint your home. They pour acid onto your car and windows. They glue shut your locks and your garage doors, trapping you inside your home. They damage a sacred religious statue in your yard.

You receive a videotape, shot from your own garden, showing you and your family relaxing inside your house. A letter accompanies it, warning you that you are being watched.

More letters follow warning you to "stop or be stopped."

You don't stop. This is your life. So they go to the soon-to-be-opened store. They plug the new plumbing with chucks of cement, spray-paint the walls and appliances, and turn on the water, causing a flood.

You lose close to $50,000 and your family is terrified.

Imagine this:

You own a restaurant, providing a safe and legal commodity your public demands, foie gras.

One day, your mother, several hundred miles away, calls you crying in a panic. Someone has called and threatened her. Someone has harassed your mother because of a product you sell. You must drop everything, temporarily close your restaurant, and go to comfort her. Not only do you lose money for having to close your business for a few days, but you bear guilt for the terror your own mother has faced for you.

At the same time, someone throws acid on the windows of your business. They cut your power. They spray paint the facade of your building. They break your windows and smear what appears to be blood on your door and sidewalk. They scream at you and your customers, nearly every day.


You have been targeted and terrorized for providing foie gras, food.

In this country, in this age, have we so little to worry about that we must worry about our dinner plates? Is there no other cause for which to fight with such zealotry? Why do these domestic terrorists (as they are considered by the FBI in many cases) want to take away your choices by violently attacking those who provide them to you?

We aren't talking about the war here. We're not talking about global warming, pollution, homelessness, corporate corruption, drugs, or homicide. We are talking about food.

Join me in my fight to preserve our rights to choose what is on our dinner tables.

Freedom...It's what's for dinner.

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Caroline said...

That's intense. There's a lot of rage in the world, and it spurts out in the darndest places. Cheers for spreading the word.

Anonymous said...

This blog has got to be a Patti Strand alias. She is author of a very paranoid (out of print) book on "Animal Rights Extremism" as well as co-founder of "The National Animal Interest Alliance" a basic shill organization for ranching, trapping, vivisection, cosmetics testing, rodeo, circus, hunting, factory farming (and foie gras) etc. Her hyperbole is unmistakable, such as attempting to project the filthy, degrading images of foie gras production as wholesome and even "patriotic"(?) She has previously referred to horse slaughter as "horse processing for horses who no longer meet the needs of their owners" and animals killed by steel hold leg traps as "bountiful harvest"(!) Sounds so cheerful and wholesome; nothing like an a race horse burger.

The milk of human kindness really runs through this woman. She has frantically lobbied in opposition to foie bans and the blocking of virtually every other attempt at humane legislation for almost 20 years (on NAIA "Animal Welfare" stationary of course!) No doubt Hudson Valley is an NAIA associate, along with the National Cattlemen's Beef Assoc, Master of Foxhounds Assoc, International Professional Rodeo Assoc, American Kennel Club, IAMS Pet Products (under boycott for sadistic animal testing), Gillette (a target of PETA campaigns for unnecessary and cruel animal testing) and the Fur Commission (whose site actually posts the NAIA "Petition to President Bush" against PETA.

There is virtually no atrocity or exploitation this woman will not shill for. She is also a board member of he American Kennel Club since 1995 and a dog breeder. She goes to extraordinary lengths and hyperbole against PETA and HSUS; in retribution for their pesky cruelty investigations against their board and associates. NAIA board member Joan Berosini is the wife of Bobbi Beronsini; secretly filmed by Entertainment Tonight in 1989, beating his Orangutans (over and over, every night). He was subsequently sued and indicted by PETA. She (and her editor, Norma Bennett Woolf) have also defended CBCS in long, indignant diatribes against PETA. Carolina Biological Supply (an NAIA "associate") whose employees were filmed by PETA in 1990 embalming live cats.

Being a breeder and AKC board member however, she is foremost a proponent of profitable commercial dog breeding (puppy mills). She has lobbied for 20 years in favor of "professional breeders" who supply the American Kennel Club with over 30 million a year in registries. She lobbied against the PPA (Puppy Protection Act of 2001) which would have provided socialization, breeding restriction and age limits (defeated in 2002). She lobbies against spay/neuter; then turns around and lobbies for rescues and shelters to pay "licensing fees" as "dog dealers", because they compete with the AKC puppy mill market.

It's not too surprising she has set up yet another fake website for "pro foie" activism. The NAIA is also quotes CCF (Rick Berman & Co.) sites. The NAIA also features pro-foie articles at Like CCF, it is an attack organization (mainly Patti Strand shrieking and weeping huge crocodile tears over the "big bad animal extremists"!) It is amusing hear shills like Patti and her alter-ego Lizzie, rave about PETA's hefty budget and or the targeting of defenseless corporations. The entire annual operating budget for the largest animal rights organization in the world is 35 million (almost exclusively from membership dues.) The American Kennel Club collects a similar amount selling "registries" for dogs from puppy mills. McDonald's spends 1.5 billion a year on advertising.

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